Tuesday, June 29, 2010


this is my absolute favorite time of the year ..summer! i had a fabbbbbbulous birthday celebration! life is good! :)

just an update on a few things.

number 1 .. if u havent checked out my youtube page check it out now!

number 2 .. Alexa aka the glam fairy is hosting a fabulous event july 18th its called World Peace Begins at Home . and i will be there as well! .. more info coming soon.

number 3 .. I AM DOING HAIRRRR for a fabulous copper tans fashion show event. july 16th .. more info soon :)

number 4 .. add my twitter! "briellamarie" .. add my facebook fan page! "briella marie calafiore of jerseylicious"

number 5 .. JERSEYLICIOUS IS AIRING ON E! FRIDAY JULY 16 AT 9! WATCH THE WHOLEEEE 1ST SEASON! .. and also stay tuned to labor day weekend on style the 2nd season of jerseylicious airs. sooo excited!

kissezzzz xoxox

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  1. Take care of Olivia (& yourself!) best of luck in all y'all do!