Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hey Dolls! How is everyone on this Wednesday evening? Hope everyone is doing well and spreading those positive vibes J

Lots of exciting news for this girl lately! Today I had an interview with Steppin’ Out Magazine which went really well, look for me on the cover along with the question and answer session! Also, don’t forget that while Season 2 of Jerseylicious premiers September 5th at 8pm, you can catch up with Season 1 of Jerseylicious every Friday at 9pm on E! You will be seeing much more of your's truly on this upcoming season so look for me!

Shout out to Abby and Rebekkah from West Orange- we had a lovely ice cream date munchkins!

Stay tuned for updates about Jerseylicious and Fusion Spa and Salon! As well as my upcoming website and don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@briellamarie) and facebook (user: Briella Marie)!



Monday, July 12, 2010

checkkkkk me outttttt

check out all my latest "hot topics video's" and feel free to email me anything ud like me to talk about :)



&& stay tuned for the entire 1st season of JERSEYLICIOUS airing on E! july 16
&& stay tuned for the 2nd season of JERSEYLICIOUS airing on STYLE sept 5

and THANKS AGAIN, for everyones support and all of the wonderful feed back!
love you all




So i honestly think i have never been this busy in my entire life! why you may ask? WELL i have a semi-full time job at fusion spa and salon . I HAVE BEEN THERE FOR OVER 4 YEARS! can u believe that? time flies when you work with great people! Besides Fusion i am filming like crazy for the hit show JERSEYLICIOUS. On top of that i work for alexa aka the GLAM FAIRY doing bridal and special occasion hair on the weekends. LIFE IS BUSY! but busy is good, and its not boring. and life is wayyyyy to short to be boring.

So this week i have A WHOLE LOT going on!

JULY 14TH- SIZZLE TANS- morrisplains, nj, AIRBRUSH LAUNCH PARTY!! Wed july 14th. Teresa from new jersey housewives will be there signing her books that will be on sale. ALSO! come meet BRIELLA & TRACY froM E! & STYLE'S JERSEYLICIOUS Single session airbrush-half price at 15 bucks. Packages discounted as well. Refreshments&goodie bags. Call to make an appt at 973-998-0961 but walk ins are welcome.

JULY 16TH- sign up for the 3rd annual Copper Tans Hottie Bikini/Model Search!!!! Win over $5,000 in cash & prizes and a 1
year modeling contract with us!!!! Hosted by Dave the Rave, DJSuperJ & 20 Pack from VH1's I Love Money with Special
Guest judges Gigi, Tracy, & Briella from Jerseylicious!!! Send us your info or call the salon to sign up 973-927-6170

Pick it Up Pictures is joining efforts with Strengthen Our Sisters to stop Domestic Violence against innocent children and their mothers. Joining us in this great effort are, Alexa Prisco and Briella Marie Calafiore stars of the hit show Jerseylicious, Eric Alt celebrity hair stylist and celebrity makeup artist and star of the show Real Beauty Real Women, Jacqui Phillips who will be donating their time and products to give the battered women living in the shelter a fresh new celebrity makeover. Another wonderful T V & ESPN personality helping us with the event is Ashley Ray . These are just a few of the wonderful people that will be putting forward a great effort to help this great cause. More information visit

its $30 a person
Highlands Natural Pool
150 Snake Den Road
Ringwood NJ

IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING CAUSE AND I FEEL SO HONORED TO BE APART OF IT!! Please everyone come and show come support it will be a great time!! and alsoooooo YOU GET TO MEET ME & ALEXA!

i would like to talk about my new favorite boutique. its called reve new york -
Meital is absolutely fabulous and i literally feel like a movie star when she stylizes me! <3 if you dont live in the arear the online store is great

Reve New York
22 N. Dean Street
Englewood, New Jersey 07631
Tel 201.569.8383
Fax 201.569.6383

Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Closed Sunday
Special appointments available.

one more thing i am mailing out pictured-autographs tomorrow morning to everyone that emailed me and asked!

if you would like an autograph from me just email me @ .. i am mailing out another batch next week.

hugs and kisses

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


this is my absolute favorite time of the year ..summer! i had a fabbbbbbulous birthday celebration! life is good! :)

just an update on a few things.

number 1 .. if u havent checked out my youtube page check it out now!

number 2 .. Alexa aka the glam fairy is hosting a fabulous event july 18th its called World Peace Begins at Home . and i will be there as well! .. more info coming soon.

number 3 .. I AM DOING HAIRRRR for a fabulous copper tans fashion show event. july 16th .. more info soon :)

number 4 .. add my twitter! "briellamarie" .. add my facebook fan page! "briella marie calafiore of jerseylicious"

number 5 .. JERSEYLICIOUS IS AIRING ON E! FRIDAY JULY 16 AT 9! WATCH THE WHOLEEEE 1ST SEASON! .. and also stay tuned to labor day weekend on style the 2nd season of jerseylicious airs. sooo excited!

kissezzzz xoxox

Thursday, May 13, 2010

hi dolls!

so i havent updated here in a whole while!! .. sorry about that! i have been so busy working at the salon, glam fairy, family, friends, boyfriend, money, vacation planning. ahhhh!!!! lol anyways. just wanted to give u guys little update on me :)

we are officially having another season of jerseylicious!! how excited is everybody? it was so weird watching myself on tv this season .. but it was cool at the same time. and i am so lucky to have so many friends and family supporting me.

i am going going to try super duper hard on updating this more often! im slacking guys. heres what i have in the works.

some crazy artsy photoshoots are coming up :) ..
im going to be putting alot of time into my youtube page making it fun, FUNNY, exciting, &&& entertaining.
filming starts soon and im excited about that!
plus my birthday is in midjune and ive been looking forward to it .. well for about .. EVER! haha this will be the best birthday yet.
glam fairy has been blowing up! i have so many trials set up :) .. kudos to alexa for promoting me so much :)

hmmmm anyways i am going away to punta cana on sunday for a much needed vacation and i cant wait! anti drama, chaos, and stress, jussssssst relaxation. why? cause i deserve it :)

hope you all are enjoying may and this weather!

love u all xoxox

Sunday, April 4, 2010

wire images, tmz

i thought we all looked fab! my first red carpet! haha i am SUCH A DORK.
7 pages of comments, psyco comments, but comments none the less, pretty cool for a small town girl from morris county, new jersey. :)


and i promise i will be sure to blog more :)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

the insider on cbs.

hi! so i hear i was on the insider last night on channel 2 and ofcourse i missed it! me and olivia were prancing around wearing garbage bags painting our apartment! :) im sure in the next couple days itll be up on youtube. hopfullyyyy. anyways thats the latest update.