Thursday, May 13, 2010

hi dolls!

so i havent updated here in a whole while!! .. sorry about that! i have been so busy working at the salon, glam fairy, family, friends, boyfriend, money, vacation planning. ahhhh!!!! lol anyways. just wanted to give u guys little update on me :)

we are officially having another season of jerseylicious!! how excited is everybody? it was so weird watching myself on tv this season .. but it was cool at the same time. and i am so lucky to have so many friends and family supporting me.

i am going going to try super duper hard on updating this more often! im slacking guys. heres what i have in the works.

some crazy artsy photoshoots are coming up :) ..
im going to be putting alot of time into my youtube page making it fun, FUNNY, exciting, &&& entertaining.
filming starts soon and im excited about that!
plus my birthday is in midjune and ive been looking forward to it .. well for about .. EVER! haha this will be the best birthday yet.
glam fairy has been blowing up! i have so many trials set up :) .. kudos to alexa for promoting me so much :)

hmmmm anyways i am going away to punta cana on sunday for a much needed vacation and i cant wait! anti drama, chaos, and stress, jussssssst relaxation. why? cause i deserve it :)

hope you all are enjoying may and this weather!

love u all xoxox

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