Thursday, February 18, 2010


Seeee I'm not like these other girls who don't mind being strung along like pearls. I do me and that's just fine better believe its all the time. U love my rymes. Askin for my water with lemons and limes. Running ur mouth lovin that drama just save that shit for ur poppa and mamma or just leave it to llamas. Period end of sentence. No commas. Not lookin for trauma I'm lookin for peace when ur stares are ice cold I got my fleece. When your thinkin ur better I'm breakin out my sweater its my hater block. Rockin SPF 50. Celebrating like fifty .. Like its my birthday every day oddly enough I always get my way. What can I say?  But U got nothin on me but I'm one up one you .. Impossible to guess the next thing I do. Realize my blue eyes that change in the light .. Some of u seem like u might of lost sight. Of what's important in your life. To busy focused on the drama and pain there's nothing left for any of u to gain. Its not the same. Grow up move on stop actin like a child live ur life to the fullest nice and spicey not mild. Learn from me and not from you .. You may not understand but I sure as hell do ;)

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